JIBB ( Jogja International Batik Bienalle) 2018

Indonesia which is known as a rich diverse country in term of its culture had bequeath its amazing treasure. carving or ornamental is one of them. Indonesia blessed with numerous kind of traditional ornament from various ethnic regions. On this occasion, SEKEN LIVING present you a great masterpiece with touches of the authentic Indonesian hand in wooden ornaments. Ornaments that are commonly used are carved shaped flora which means fertility. This ornament is designed on products that are closely related to daily human life. The wooden tableware are became very authentic and more valuable with a little carvings in its side. Thus, this blend of traditional and modernism ornametal brings the closeness of Indonesian culture to the human lifestyles in a global scope.

In September 2018, Seken Living joined exhibition Jogja International Batik Bienalle (JIBB) that was held in Museum Bank Indonesia Yogyakarta. "We want to bring the Indonesia ornaments into human living by our carvy collection : wooden tableware with Indonesia Ornaments", Thomas Seken's designer. We hope this event JIBB can inspired other to create good product, and good ideas.