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S E K E N L I V I N G ?

Seken Living is a design and manufacturing business based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We focused on furniture and home decor products made from natural and recycled materials. We are passionate about promoting sustainable design and traditional Indonesian skills, as well as the variety and quality of our local raw materials. We like to believe that if we put the spirit of Indonesia into each piece, combining the beauty and diversity of our natural material with our skilled craftsmanship and traditions, bringing some of the unique energy of Indonesia into people’s homes.

How far do you know about sustainable and recycled material?

Sustainable and recycled material is an option where design meets with solid requirements involving the continuity of environment and the planet. Usually this material made from a natural material that goes through natural process where no chemical is being used. The manufacturer who use sustainable and recycled material as their main material for their production usually understand the importance between their business and the life of future generation.

Sustainable and recycled material can be varied depends on the way it’s being produced and also from the raw material itself. In our journey, we choose to use Recycled Teak Wood as our main material for the product. Using recycled timber as our main material is not an easy task to do. We need to have a commitment and fully aware that every process won’t harm the environment. Up until now this commitment and vision make us strive and stronger for the sake of new generation. Better world means better life.

Teak Wood or what we usually call “Kayu Jati” is special timber from Indonesia. The characteristic of the wood is solid and strong, have a beautiful natural brown color, suitable for outdoor use and have a strong resistance in the weather. Therefore, recycled teak wood usually made from a framework, column or a pillar that can be found in Indonesian old houses. This reclaimed wood has a good quality because the wood is considered an old wood and stronger than a new teak. During the indoor use of recycled teak wood, over some time it will appear much brown colors due to the natural oil of the teak wood itself. While the outdoor use, we do recommend to put it under the shade or use wood protection like teak shield to make it last longer.

What makes recycled teak wood special than other wood is there is no cut out tress in the production. Every raw material we use is from a wood of old building, so this is where our sustainable commitment is made. This commitment is being supported by our handmade production way. There are no heavy machineries, just a simple machine and tools with less energy in the production. “Maybe machine can make it perfect, but handmade gives a soul to the products”.

Using recycled teak wood, we must understand that the wood is not perfect but still beautiful. There will be a hole from a trace of a nails or a past wood joint remains in the wood since this is from an old building with aged and history behind it. Despite that, it will give beautiful little details that looks different from each of the product. Surely, it will be difficult to find “perfectly look” product with recycled teak. But this is what makes it more valuable. There is beauty in imperfection.


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