Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is coming! Celebrate with your loved ones. To add the impression of Christmas joy, decoration and banquet becomes an interesting thing to be prepared. As a special banquet, try decorating your event with a garden party theme, with outdoor concepts and wicked rustic decoration will certainly create a different ambience from the usual Christmas.


Outdoor Furniture.

Make sure you have a set of furniture that fit for you to put in outdoor and can accommodate the capacity of guests. For a selection of furniture, a set of rustic wooden tables can be an interesting option. Make sure the furniture you choose is designed for outdoor so it does not matter with the rain.

Christmas dinner needs to be roused with ornate decoration.  SEKEN LIVING took a rustic christmas for a theme of dinner party. We decorated all area with wooden drifted Christmas tree and combined with various sculpture of Christmas animal like wooden deer, wooden moose, and bear. To add a christmas atmosphere, we also put red and green fabrics on some spots and main tables. Colorful Fruits bowl is good idea to be hanged along above outdoor area. 


Bon Apetit!

Entertaining guests with special menu, must  be served with a variety of interesting dinning ware. Here is the way of SEKEN LIVING to tricking wooden table into a very decorative dining table. Some of dinning ware is made of wood, stone and steel from SEKEN LIVING collection.  Those are will make new impressed for your new Christmas. Happy celebrating joy with the loved ones!