Rice Puerto Chicken Salad, vegetable juice, and various cakes could be found at Food corner at Rella's Kitchen by SEKEN LIVING. Good quality and healthy food were the concept of Rella’s Kitchen. Rella as the owner has passion to create good food start from the hobby of making cakes that continue to be occupied, Rella's Kitchen envolved into a home-based business that is well known among expat in Jakarta and Bogor. Rella's Kitchen works with organic farmers to produce organic vegetables that  use for   fresh and crunchy bowl of salads, sandwich stuffs, pestos, and some healthy dressing that are so famous with basil aromas. The local dairy farmers produce milk for her for making yogurt and other ingredient in her production.

This food corner was built in hall C, IFEX 2018 that was held in last March. SEKEN LIVING as a furniture factory, supported Rella’s Kitchen with some products such as a  bar set capacity for 6 person, 4 pcs dinning tables set, and table wares.

The food corner was a best choice for lunch or breakfast. You can bought a cup of espresso with beauty cup, Blowy Collection from SEKEN LIVING. You might have a cake on unique chopping board from our collection. It might be attractive our customer, and make them comfort to stay.

We hope we can meet again next year and serve you better.