RUMAH KAYU - Nest Coffee and Donuts

    Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    RUMAH KAYU is part of the Nest Coffee & Donuts building made by Seken Living. The concept behind Rumah Kayu is an open space for a café and restaurant in a semi-outdoor area. “Rumah” means House and “Kayu” means Wood, Rumah Kayu or in English called “Wooden House”. The name itself represents the main material we use which is recycled teak wood, ironwood, and bamboo weaving. Rumah Kayu is easy to build and also easy to disassemble.  We use simple wood joints skillfully made by our craftsmen, so there is local wisdom of Indonesian culture behind the story. We use natural materials, so they won’t harm the environment. If we are wise enough to build, we have to be wise enough to be responsible for the future generation.

    The open space concept allows us to be more flexible with our surroundings. To maximize the small space, all the doors are using the folding system, which allows us to open and close it depending on the operation hour or the weather on that day. It will also benefit air circulation and sunlight entering the area. Rumah Kayu is a project where we put our specialty in material and combined with sustainable design.